Sunday, December 9, 2007

4-H Banquet & Stupid DVD Players

(This was supposed to be posted last night but the stupid Internet konked out on me and refused to load my blog page… Grrrrr. So let’s pretend that this was posted at about 10:20, Saturday night, 12/08/07.)

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for 10 minutes. Grasping desperately with my mind at little wisps of thought. Something, anything, to say! Because, well, there isn’t much to talk about. Or, what there is to talk about, is boring and I can’t, for some odd reason, construct a creative paragraphy out of the happenings. And for some strange reason no random thoughts are entering my mind at this specific time. So why am I sitting here attempting yet another pathetic blog post? Hmmm… Well… It’s been an entire 3 days since I posted. I figured you guys might be suffering from blog post deprivation. My blog, to be specific. Yeah… See, I was worried about ya’ll! I’m so considerate… All heart. So compassionate.

Let’s see… Last night was a 4-H thingamajig. It was our 4-H club’s Christmas banquet, also the time and place where the new officers were… inducted??... into the club as, well, officers for the up-and-coming year. Yeah… It really wasn’t all that exciting. The plan—leave home at about 2:45, drop the unbaked lasagna off at the Extension office where the banquet was scheduled (unbaked because it wouldn’t be warm by the time we were going to eat, so we just baked it there) at about 3:10. Drive over to a car dealership to meet Daddy at 3:30 so they could discuss a pickup truck Tyler was looking at. Went for a little spin in the truck, ended up deciding to kind of loan the truck out to our place for the weekend so he could try it out, anyway that took til about 4:00. Yipes! D’aun (our 4-H club leader) needed me to be there at 3:30 at the latest to decorate! It was about 4:15 by the time we got back to the Extension office. Oops. Everything was already decorated… Please don’t hurt me, D’aun! (D’aun is slightly feared by the club members… lol) She was okay about it. Anyway there was only Amanda, Justin, Ashley, Tyler and I anyway. Grrrr. Crazy people. You’re supposed to be here! HEL-LO you’re officers… Sorry. It was annoying. Because… well I don’t want to discuss it. It would take some effort and cause me to actually THINK about the long reasons why and then I might get a headache, and you wouldn’t want that would you? I didn’t think so. Basically, we had to “rehearse” stuff we had to say and the whole deal was actually pretty boring. The entire thing… Yeah. During our little inductation thing… Inductation. Like. When we were inducted. Us, the inductees. Those aren’t real words? Ugh whatever! Anyway, we had to hold candles and the current president aka Amanda had to light our candle with hers after we took these little responsibility vow things… Then Sterling decided he wanted to pour hot candle wax on his hand during the ceremony. And he seemed genuinely surprised that it hurt. *roll eyes* The dork. Okay, so I was pretty much cracking up while he was muttering little grunts and groans of pain. And he kept pouring the wax on his hand too! But… yeah, even if it was stupid of him, thank you Sterling for breaking the dullness of the banquet. After the banquet thingy we had to take down alllll decorations, and finally GO HOME! It was only 8:10 when we left out of there though, so it wasn’t all that bad. So yeah… And then we got home, and Momma had bought a DVD player while in town. DVR I think it is. Because none of us want to actually stay up and watch the National Finals rodeo, but we want to see it, but it doesn’t come on until 10:00 and we are all in bed by then. Well Tyler is sometimes, okay usually up, but he doesn’t want to watch it really so anyway yeah… So we were wanting to record it. So we could watch it. Later. And not lose any sleep…

Let me give you a review on our experiences with TVs and DVD players. We had the same TV for… I don’t know how long. 10, 13 years? So it finally broke down. Omi & Opa’s neighbors had a TV they wanted to get rid of, big nice one, really big though, not at ALL flatscreen, but nice and pretty new. We accepted. They did tell us that the power didn’t work on the remote, you had to do that part manually. They did NOT tell us that the volume also had to be controlled manually. Very annoying. Anyway… we bought a DVD player for our old TV, and we couldn’t get the stinkin thing to work, probably because the TV was so old. It broke shortly afterwards. We tried it on this new TV. Stupid DVD thing didn’t work. Forget it. Buy another one because the other one is a piece of crap. (In our opinion.)

So yeah, we basically aren’t technical geniuses. Daddy refuses to even try to hook it up. He is a brilliant man, and yet- nevermind. Tyler, we just don’t let Tyler touch anything we are trying to set up anymore. He seems to think he can make it work with the flick of his wrist and he usually ends up breaking something or other by pushing every combination of buttons possible. Mom and I… I love Mom. But we both stink at this stuff.

We were up till 11:00 trying to get this stupid thing set up. Yes, 2.5 hours, pushing buttons and GRRR. We followed the instructions, honest! But for some reason, there are buttons on our strange TV that you have to push before the DVD player or remote will work that are not included in the instructions and then you have to format the disc to DVD format and after we got done trying to record something you had to finalize it (this took about 5 minutes), and even after that there was nothing on the stinkin DVD.

I hate gadgets. Stupid things. Why does everything have to be so complicated? It’s like they do it on purpose! Why do they have to make everything in technical-genius language instead of English? Because, hello, in case you guys haven’t noticed, most Americans aren’t the smartest people in the world! (No offense, I love America, but we have grown pretty spoiled and lazy, don’t you think?)

Anyway. We can finally play a DVD! For the first time on a TV ever! Woohoo! It took us about 1.5 hours to figure it out though. Never did get the durned thing to record. But we will figure it out! With a little, um, *cough*, technical support via the telephone… Maybe… Just a little…

Anyway. I’m writing this kind of late. 10:14. Daddy and I were watching UFC. Cage fighting. Hehe… See Daddy started watching this and I got into it- well, that’s another blog post for another day. I gotta git to bed. I’m getting just a wee bit… Sleepy. *yawn*

Sleep. Sleeeeeep. Ssssleeeeep.

Haha. Sleep--- is good.

Night night!


Sara said...

Dude I forgot about the banquet! I meant to ask you who all was there and such.

Caitlin said...

Not many people. At all. It pretty much stunk. =P Um a certain dude with the initals of B.A did show up though. =D

Joshua Little Guy said...

UFC? Oh no. My dad is addicted... bad. That is funny. I didn't read your entire post, I just saw that acronym and freaked out.