Monday, October 1, 2007

The Muffin Man vs. The Korean War

Unless you cannot determine from my previous post(s) that I extremely enjoy Fall Works, especially with the 3 Amigos, then I shall tell you- I extremely enjoy it. I have to get up at 4:20 in the morning, sometimes I don't get to eat lunch until 2:00 in the afternoon (which is... 9 hours away from when I wolfed down breakfast), but I don't mind. I would get up at 2:30 if it meant I got to go out, ride my horse, and enjoy the ridiculous, unusual, and yet exciting pleasures of working on the ranch.

However. I despise waking up on a Monday morning, alarm blaring in my ear at 7:00. I get up, brush my teeth, turn on my radio, gaze into my magical crystal ball... And fortell a day of school and chores. It is especially difficult after a week like I had. It's almost like the first day of school after a long, lazy summer.

I blame it on Travis. He brain-washed me. Sucked all intelligence from my brain. Filled my head with ridiculous comments and faces and jokes and jigs that drowned out all ability to perform the following equation:

17 + 8 - 6 = ???

Oh, no. Wait! Maybe I can do this one... FORTY EIGHT! I am soooo good at this. Oh, wow, now I have a headache...

The point is... It is very difficult to return to schoolwork after a week around a cowboy crew. I feel like I have been stuffed into a giant canister and shaken around and around and around. My head hurts, I'm tired and mad and frustrated and just about ready to go feed this dadgummed history text book to the goats!

That is. If we had goats.

It really is so unfair. You can work extremely hard, be extra efficient, get 3 days worth of school squeezed into one day, study hard, and do great that day with a fantastic attitude. But you know what? The next day there is more! It's not like cleaning your room. You work hard, vacuum, organize, de-clutter, and voila! A fabulous room! The next day, it's still clean. But with school- oh no. Work as hard as you can do your best, do enough school and work hard enough to deserve two weeks of rest. But the next day- there's always more to do. It never ends.

I told Mom this and she said, "It's kind of like feeding your kids. You cook a good meal for them, they enjoy it, everybody's happy. Next morning- they're hungry again!" Yeah, sure. But you should get atleast some satisfaction out of feeding your kids. I mean, after all, you're keeping them alive.

It is just so extremely frustrating. I was so bored today trying to magically transform Xs, Cs, and Ys into 2465, 17 and -47 that I even wrote a song. I shall jot some of it down here for your amusement.

Flying purple people eaters, dancing down the path

Are much more entertaining than attempting 9th grade math

Orange polka-dotted singing pigs, doing carthwheels down the hill

This is what I come up with, when I have time to kill.

I go on such adventures- I've talked to the Muffin-Man

I've chatted with Mother Goose, visited Africa and Ireland

I've dined with Oompa Loompas, their songs they did teach me

Oh they were so much more interesting then reading World History.

Flying puppies, talking trees, walking terra cotta pots

Candy growing on vines and shrubs- peppermints and lollipops

You may think for me to write this song, I must be such a fool

Oh but it's so much more amusing, than doing dumb old school!

I do think I am so brilliant. Don't you?

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