Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Am Not One Of Those People

Today went somewhat better than yesterday. I arose at about 7:30 (I had a hard time sleeping last night- a neon orange heffalump haunted my dreams), quite reluctantly I might add. Hey, you know how most people actually make their beds? Like... at-least once a month?

I am not one of those people.

I rather like my little rat's nest. I curl under my sheet, thin blanket, and flannel quilt, my head on my favorite soft pillow case. On the side of my bed nearest the window sill, is a leopard-print flannel 1 sq. yard blanket. For the cat. Yes- she has her own blanket, and it is where she sleeps everynight. Along with whatever little friends she likes to carry with her to bed each night. There is also a very tattered silk wild rag with holes scattered among this- a treasured memory really. When I was about 7 years old, Daddy went on a hunting trip in Alaska. I missed him so much, Momma gave me this silk wild-rag that smelled like him to help ease the pain. It worked! Also there is a small mint-green quilt with bunnies on it- Granny made that, as well as the patchwork quilt on top. She sews them all my hand- she has an amazing gift for it, and I treasure her quilts. Also nestled beside me is a flannel tie-blanket with horses on it (surprise surprise). At my feet, a small horsey pillow. I used to sleep with 13 stuffed animals, then slimmed that number down to 9, but they have since been sentenced to life on top of a stack of quilts at the top of my closet- sorry, sweeties. But I just got too big! I remember all their named though: Chester, Flower, Cocoa, Brownie, Brightie, Poncho, Apple, Murphy, and Fluffy. 1 moose, 1 white Alaskan seal, 1 puppy, 5 horses and a unicorn. =D

Why I just described my bed... I don't know. I'll probably never know. And neither will you.

Oh, and you know how some people totally obsess over their looks?

I am not one of those people.

A couple months ago, I tried spending 20 minutes blow drying my hair. That didn't work out too well. 7 minutes is my average. Brush hair, teeth, wash face, maybe put hair in pony-tail or clippie, and then decide if I should wear the blue and white sock or purple and white sock. That's another thing.

You know how some people actually match their socks?

I am not one of those people.

What is the point really? They're just socks. Sometimes I have a sock with snowmen on one foot, and a sock with kittens on the other foot. Nice combination.

Some people have about 15 pairs of shoes. If not 50.

I am not one of those people.

I have 5 pairs of shoes. One nice pair of brown Fat-Babys for town, one dirty and worn pair for ranch work. Riding boots. Tennis-shoes for jogging. (Plain-jane kind- no Dora The Explorer on the side, no flashing lights). And then one pair of nice shoes for piano recitals twice a year. That I can't walk in. I swear it's easier to invent a space shuttle than walk in heels.

I'd know. I've done both. Bwaha.

Some people are actually sane and can hold a normal conversation about normal things with normal people.

I am definitely not one of those people.

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