Sunday, October 28, 2007

Broken Hearts Are Mended... Or Not

At long last, I think I have been forgiven! By Princess Zoey that is, the feline royalty of the ranch. Last night after Huckleberry was in his box sleeping, I played with her with her favorite toy, and pretty much the only one she will play with. It’s just a long string and I tied a feather on the end. This cat is addicted to feathers. Please do not ask me why as I shall mutter and stumble over my words like that dork I am… Because she is a cat! There. And cats have… weird quirks. And do… weird things. Anywho. Then when I went to bed, she came with me for the first time in forever! And she slept next to me instead of on her blanket my by pillow!

Last night, miraculous events took place. Broken hearts were mended. Shattered souls were healed. She loves me again!

Er. That was. Until this morning. Got up, she followed me into the kitchen. I fixed Huck’s bottle and went into the office and began to bottle feed him. Still fine. I finally let him down to play around. She glared, growled, swatted, hissed. Finally I, er, well I threw her our of the office. Oh, yeah, and I might of… Uh, shut the door in her face. And maybe, um, called her a cranky old buzzard? She started screaming, I mean outright howling, right outside the door until finally I put her out of the house to run around and do kitty things and shed tears over her bruised and battered heart.

*sigh* Back to square one.

So Huck is running around like a mad kitty and I am… sitting here… Doing nothing. Being bored. I'm really good at that.

Ugh I’m so cold I’m almost chivaling…

Whoops! I mean shivering. It’s a Travis-ism. What’s that? You wanna hear the story behind it? Well, okay…

We were in the pickup driving somewhere to gather cattle. It was cold and still dark. Anyway Mom said something about being “chivalrous” and I decided to pick on Travis and ask him what it meant. (He’s not fond of big words, but he’s also not dumb, he just likes to play the part, I can usually get a kick out of his definitions though.) The following was his reply.

“Well… when you… um… When it’s really cold outside… And you start to chival (SHI-VEL)… Cause your cold… And when you start chivaling really bad… Then you’re chivalrous.”

So yeah. I need to go turn the heat on. Cause I’m still chivaling.

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