Monday, October 29, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah, Babble, Babble...

See? Didn’t I tell you? Actually, I promised. =D Still blog posting. Are you proud of me? I thought so.

So yesterday I posted my blog in the early morning, as I am doing now. (This actually probably won’t get posted til this evening but I’m writing now.) I guess I shall fill you in on the remainder of my day. Yesterday. The day of yesterday.

Cleaning. Ugh. Disgusting. The mere word causes me to cringe. Usually. But, every now and then I get into those “modes”. My cleaning modes. Like the day before yesterday. Mom told me to go clean the bathroom floor and wipe down the toilet and counters. *gag* Our bathroom is tiny and we keep all of our stuff in the 3 drawers beneath the tiny sink/counter, a tall thingamajig behind the door with 2 shelves and 3 drawers and a cupboard on the bottom. Oh, and the closet. Thank goodness for the closet! You merely open the door to the bathroom closet and better be prepared to be bombarded by hair care products and body lotions.

Now, I am not high maintenance. My mother neither. But you wouldn’t think this by our bathroom closet. I don’t care what kind of shampoo I use as long as it cleans. I don’t care what I clean my body with—a sweet-smelling shower scrub with cleansing micro beads or a bar of soap.

I just. Don’t. Care.

But my grandmother seems to be bothered by my lack of concern in the area of my appearance. So she showers us with bottles of hair conditioner, color enhancer, scalp scrubs, de-dandruff-izers, not to mention lotions, body scrubs, shower gels, and facial moisturizers.

I really don’t get it.

I mean, I’m not completely oblivious to personal hygiene. And yes, sometimes I am slightly concerned about things like my hair or my dry skin. I’m a teenage girl, I’m not fond of frizzy, bushy hair. But ya know what? I don’t go out and buy every stinkin dry skin lotion or hair sleekening-shampoo and goop up my body to fix it! God gave me my body. It is MY body. Nobody can have it. Not Aveeno or Garnier Fructisse or Maybelline or any other brand of hair crap, skin goop, or face paints. Sure there are aspects of my appearance I’m not fully satisfied with, but so what? Nobody looks perfect. I mean you may think those models in the newest teen trend magazine does, or your favorite singer. But they don’t look like that, not really. Chances are they are wearing tons of makeup, have had 3 plastic surgeries, and are very very hungry right now!

I’m not going to stress myself over my looks. It’s not worth it. In all honesty (no joke) I’m more concerned with my flaws on the inside. Bad attitude, lazy, judgemental. Those things need to go away before anything else.

Okay sorry kind of got off topic there. I tend to rant whenever certain subjects come up. So. Anyway. I decided we had too much goop hanging around in the closet so I completely cleaned it out. That’s right, all of it! It took me about an hour but voila! Now it is clean and you can actually find the Tylenol when you need it and get to the hair conditioner when you need it. (I’m not so against hair care products that I won’t condition my hair.) I got rid of almost an entire trash bag of crap we will never use. I am now very proud of my bathroom closet. I shall show it to everybody who enters the house. “Hi, I’m Caitlin, nice to meet you. Come look at my bathroom closet!!”

And then after I cleaned that closet, I got into cleaning mode. Scary. I proceeded to clean out my own little drawer and shelf in the bathroom, dusted my piano and swept the kitchen & dining room, did all my laundry… Ugh. Laundry. I have a very bad habit when it comes to laundry. I have LOTS of clothes. And I only have a few pieces I chose myself! I have about 8 pairs of pants, all Wrangler and one Cruel Girl (because sometimes I need ‘good’ pants but they all keep getting faded, so we keep buying another pair for certain occasions). I have about 20 t-shirts, almost all from my grandparents from when they traveled all over the world. Hong Kong, Panama Canal, Rainforest, Hawaii, to name a few. (They’ve also been to places we don’t have t-shirts from but other souvenirs, like Vienna Austria, Germany, Cabo San Lucas…)

I can just see Sara shivering with envy. =P

Anyway. So there was like 8 loads of laundry to do. Which I did all in one day, and folded it all too. I also cleaned out my closet and nightstand, and today I dusted and vacuumed my room.

And now the cleaning mode has passed and I have settled back into my lazy routine of leaving dirty socks all around the house, plopping plates, bowls and cups in odd places with no intention of later retrieving them, and not washing clothes for 2 months until I am finally completely deprived of all clothing. Unless I am interested in wearing a down parka with a fur collar, pink chiffon and silk skirt with rose petals in the hem, red socks with snowmen on them, and finally boots to complete my stylish outfit.

I should be a clothes designer. Oh yes. I could make the trends. Bwaha. It would be a rather interested job I think. A lot of people follow the latest style of the most popular clothes brand. Oh the crazy garments I could create, and laugh my tail off watching as hundreds of high schoolers flocked to the rack of hawk-feather tank tops and skin-tight baby-puke-green silk leggings. Kids will wear anything these days.

So yeah. I’ve been gradually adding to this all day on Microsoft Word. Thinking of things to write. Trying to finish it so I can post it. Oh! Yesterday I finally called Oscar!

It’s kind of a long story. But basically… I’ve known Oscar since we were about 4, only see each other twice a year though, and earlier this year (like spring) something happened, I think, I don't know what... I think Nick lost his job or something. And decided they move from the Panhandle of Texas to the Sierra Nevadas of California where Nick, father and husband, would be packing mules all summer.

That’s the brief version. So anyway, now they are in Arizona where Nick is still packing mules, they live in an apartment and I think Amy (mother and wife) works at a bar or something. So. I haven’t talked to nor seen Oscar in… Oh, in two weeks it’ll be a full year. We are pretty good friends, I love the guy, he’s crazy fun. If he is thinking or feeling something, he won’t hold it back, and he isn’t afraid to be himself, which is really cool. So I called them up, Lily (daughter, youngest child of 2) answered the phone and we talked all of 3 minutes. She seemed like she might have been busy, that or she was thinking, “Oh NO it’s that crazy person who blabbers on continually about random and pointless things.”

What a sweet compliment. =)

So, I asked how Oscar was doing and she asked if I would like to talk to him. Well, sure. So I ended up talking on the phone with him for an hour and a half!


But it was fun. It’s kind of, well okay completely, weird in a way because we didn’t cover anything at all important, we just babbled about all sorts of random things. Don’t ask. Really. You don’t want to do know. Anyway… We only got off because his mom was trying to call, or something along those lines, and he promised he would call later this week. Yay!

Okay, well I gotta git. Youth Group is tonight and the granola bars are deflated, the Cajun cake isn’t frosted yet, Huckleberry is… Nowhere to be seen. Or heard. Huh? Huck? Huckleberry?! *complete silence* When it comes to baby kitties… Silence scares me.

Yipes! Gotta go!


Sara said...

You cleaned! *gasp* HAHA jk jk!!! :D yes I'm envious of your granparents travels. You know me well ;) haha. Glad you got to talk to Oscar! :D

Caitlin said...

LOL I know it's just incredible! I bet you didn't think I knew how to clean =P And yeah they've been ALL over the place, and I know it's your dream to travel the world. Haha! It was great to get to talk to him, he's gonna call again this week... Yippee! Lol...