Thursday, September 6, 2007

Turkey & Giblets in Gravy... Mmmm, yummy!

I woke up this morning to my alarm clock blaring in my ear- joy. I glanced at the glowing neon numbers-- 5:30 am. Yeah, I'm an early riser. Atleast... that is my goal. To be an early riser, that is. I'm more of a night owl but, living on a ranch, that is a habit I need to break. If I get up earlier, I find my day goes much better. Anyway, I can't really remember, I was in mostly-asleep/partly-awake zone, and I think the cat was also trying to wake me up because I have a scratch acrost my cheek. I saw it this morning in the mirror during the short time I glanced in it... Yeah, thanks Zoey. But your efforts were wasted as my brain was still heavily drugged with sleep. So I guess I just turned it off and at 6:22 Daddy woke up me up again. Yikes! I hate sleeping in. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

What's that? Me? An odd duck? Nawww....

I quickly jumped into my jogging suit aka $18.95 tennis shoes from Wal-Mart, hand-me-down wind pants (atleast I think that is what they are), a Puerto Rico t-shirt that my grandparents sent me, and a blue hoodie sweat shirt. The jog was nice... I always enjoy starting my mornings like that. It's in that stage where the sun has not peeked up above the horizon yet, but it's beams are filling the clouds on the horizon with a delightful pink, the sort not to be found in a crayon box. Jut beautiful. Tucker, my slightly overweight- okay, somehwat chubby. FINE! Obese beagle, also came with me. He really needs the excercise- his reduced fat food has yet to put a dent in his round belly. So I went my usual mile and came back to the house and took a shower, as always, my loyal doggy by my side.

I spent the rest of the morning doing school... Oh, yes, fun. When I brought the cat in at about 9:00 (she had been out since 6:30), she of course wanted breakfast. So I opened a can of Friskies cat food, and spooned some out into her dish. While she was happily eating, the can slipped and I caught it, but in the process of doing so, slipped my index finger into the food. Usually when this happens (yogurt, brownie batter, a glass of tea) I just lick my finger clean and go on. Well, I wasn't really paying all that much attention this morning.... Eh, yeah. I can understand why Zoey likes her Fancy Feast Shredded Chicken better. NOT that I have ever tried it! Or intend on doing so...

"What did you have for breakfast this morning, Caitlin?"

"Friskies Turkey & Giblets in Gravy! Mmmmm!"

I swear that kitten was laughing at me.

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