Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tiffany & Clint Arrive

Tiffany & Clint are moved in! They were supposed to arrive about 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon but they had all kind of heck getting here. They ran into a really bad rainstorm and had 2 flats! So they got here about 5:40 and we took them over to North Camp. Tiffany loved the house! Clint didn't say much... I don't think it really matters to him, lol, he's probably lived in all kinds of dumpy places. So we unloaded their 4 horses while their 3 dogs frolicked with glee. There is a blue heeler (mix I think) by the name of (you'll never guess!) Blue. Then there is a black lab and a border collie... both are Abbie. Eh? One was given to them. So then Clint commented on something I hadn't even noticed, haha. On one of the rigs (they drove up in a niiiice truck- a dark blue 3500 dually Silveradado, and then they had like a semi-rig cab pulling another horse trailer) had a cow skull, with horns of course. The best part was that there were circular reflectors inserted into the eye sockets, and Clint said that the whole thing lit up when you turned the lights on! Oh, man, I want to see that! Haha, I totally have to fix me something like that when I get my own horse trailer. It was his Dad's rig, the semi and aluminum horse trailer and all, Clint said he was an "interesting character". His dad is coming this Friday, aka day after tomorrow, to pick up his rig, I wanna meet him!

So we helped them unload all their stuff. It was amazing- they have three beds. They've only been married for 1 month, but they lived together for 2 years before that too. I don't know what the heck they need three beds for though. There was a Queen, a double and a twin. They also have like 6 coffee/bedside tables and just lots of little doo-dads. They fit it all into two horse trailers though. We were walking back from the barn to show them the house and start unloading when this little piece of dialogue happened.

Daddy: "So I guess if it rained your stuff...?"
Clint: "Oh, yeah, it's wet as hell."

Made us all laugh, haha. But a good bit of their stuff really was pretty wet- one of their mattresses was sopping wet, and we had to be careful picking up cardboard boxes. I dropped one full of crackers and peanut butter, and after that we were a little more careful.

One of the first things we unloaded was one of like 4 mirrors. Dad was suspicious it was broken and Clint said, "I sure hope not- I'd sure hate to have 7 years bad luck."

Maybe only 2 years. It was just a corner.

So when we finished with that we pretty much just went on our way. Tyler wasn't with us because he had to change his guitar lesson last minute, to work for his teacher, and they made it today, this evening, instead of tomorrow. So he was in town doing that and shopping for a vehicle. We got back to the house, then Mom and I went back to the camp with a frozen pizza, some paper plates & napkins, a jug of water and a cooler with 6 beers. Our water is terrible, so if they wanted to make coffee in the morning they should use some good stuff. Then we brought some of the real good stuff (atleast to the grown ups- the mere smell of alchohol makes me nauseous) and of course pizza. Mmmmm. They thanked us and we went back home.

Just thought I'd mention that. We're all ecstatic about them being here- Daddy really really really likes Clint and Tiffany too, says they just feel right. Momma likes them, I really do, I don't think Tyler really much cares. They're just great people- I hope they like it here. They're Christians, Clint is witty and Tiffany is just really nice. They're so down-home and I'm so glad God sent them to us.

So yeah, you're thinking, "What's wrong with her? She didn't write anything funny or stupid!" Boring title. Useless post. Well here's something that made Mom laugh today. I was doing my German and the lady on the computer program said, in this terribly annoying robotic voice, "ein gelbe bananen" which means "the yellow bananas". So this was my response.

"Aren't bananas usually purple? Hmmm... sometimes they're fuschia too."

Sarcastic. Ridiculous. Random.

Welcome to the inner workings of my brain.

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