Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stuff... Nothing Important

Hola, peoples! Wow I haven't written in like 3 days... *gasp* I just kind of never took the time. *hugs blog* I missed you!

Not alot has happened between now and then. *thinks hard* Ouch! That hurt... So I guess Sara, oh blessed soul, has taught me how to burn CDs and I am so addicted, haha! I downloaded LimeWire and have so far downloaded 2 CDs. One is George Strait, just alot of his older songs that I loooove. The other is a Christian CD, mostly rock/contemporary, with a few praise & worship. The problem is, I got confused and burned two of the songs twice, and I didn't listen to some of the songs and just downloaded them (yeah, so I was having a blonde day) and I don't really care for them. There's 8 songs I think on it, so I have been searching for songs I really liek on LimeWire until I found 15 songs I really like and the CD is downloading as I type. There are a few certain bands/artists in the Christian genre I just love; Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless, Hawk Nelson, and Matthew West. Yay! Me ish happy. Me likes the songs.

We have somebody hired for the position! As you may recall, I have mentioned that Daddy has been managing this ranch by himself for quite a while now. Grandpa has been a great deal of help, however, with feeding and keeping up the water and some such things. But it really is time that we get one of these positions filled. We have two houses to put somebody in. A dumpy old trailer house that would be much nicer crammed into the earth with a much nicer house planted right atop of it. There was an old house at the camp job, North Camp, that deserved the same fate. However, we only placed a new house just to the side of it and will use the older quarters for storage. The new house is something called a Ready Built house and is made at a factory, then hauled (in our case, in one piece) to the site where the place it. Similar to a trailer house- but much, much, much nicer. This house is simply gorgeous- it is small, I will admit. The rooms are atleast- utility/mud room, kitchen, dining, living 3 bed and 2 bath. It has beautiful granite counter tops and tile in the bathrooms and real hard wood floors and a dish washer! Oh, my. How I often dream of a dishwasher. Mummy's reply to my plead for such a thing is, "Oh, but we already have one. You!"

Hahaha very funny, Mom.

Anyway. It's a nice house. There is a couple that came for an interview- Clint and Tiffany. Just the greatest people- they are 25 and 26 and have been married for all of 1 month. They just seem terriffic and are moving in today. Hallelujah!

The original plan was for them to move into the dumpy little trailer house here at headquarters. There are advantages and disadvantages to both being at a camp job or at headquarters. But this trailer house needs some work and we were gonna have a carpenter come out and fix it up and then we would paint and steam clean the carpet and scrub the kitchen, etc and it would be fine. But the carpenter didn't make it in time so they are going to take residence at this beautiful North Camp house, which is perfectly fine because we don't have anybody set up to go over there anyway. But we are still looking to put either a single guy, couple, or small family in the trailer house. In about 2 more years we'll put a new house there too.

By the way, our house is 100 years old.

And crooked.

And Tiffany and Clint have been married a month and are moving into a fabulous, brand-spankin'-new house.

Can we say jealous?!

So anyway. That's about all that has been going on. I'm reading Diary of Anne Frank right now for Literature in school. I dread to continue it because I am quite aware of what happens in the end. Such a tragic period in history. *sigh*

Well, nobody wants to end on a sad note. So I will mention the two hideous scratches adorning my cheek as of now. The other day (17th?) Zoey was following me around the house and being rather obnoxious, so I figured maybe she wanted to cuddle. She was resting peacefully in my loving arms, I rubbing her belly and telling her just what a sweet little thing she is when REEEAWRR! Like a ferocious little lion she screams and slaps me across the face with her paw, which is usually sweet and soft but is not quite so much when the claws are EXTENDED. Yes, it hurt. They stung. They scratched. I shall be known as scar face for the remaider of my life time. Poor me. I shall go now, with the knowledge that my readers pity me.

Err.... don't you pity me?


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