Saturday, September 15, 2007

BlahBlahBlah-- Blogger's Block

So we had the hunters arrive yesterday. Shortly after noon (around 1:00 or so) they arrived- all 10 of them. DK and I guess 2 of his sons and then some other guys and their support dudes, which basically mean they came on a hunt and they aren't going to hunt. Isn't the purpose of a hunt... to hunt? What's really cool this time though is that there is some sort of organization that sponsors wounded war veterans from overseas to come on these hunts, so I guess that means they supply the permit and maybe even the ammo, I'm not sure. We have two of them here, one who hurt his back a little and has post traumatic stress disorder. And the other guy was really hurt, blown up by a bomb to put a long story short. They have some kind of major surgery where you injur your intestine, and it dies so they have to remove that part. Well he has had 5 of those surgeries, and has had 70% of his intestines removed. He has been eating via a feeding tube that comes out of his arm and ate solid food for the first time in months yesterday; I guess afterwards he didn't feel too good.

Like I said, they had 10 hunters, errrr, people down here. They got 5 bucks, and they all-in-all had 5 permits, so that worked out well. There is a 'kid' here, I can't remember his name, that is Tyler's age, 16, he got one. I haven't seen him this year, but I did last year I know he is here.

Tyler will be absent for all of this weekend. He got an offer from a txedermist in town who is also our friend, along with his whole family. Antelope season lasts only one weekend, since they're so easily hunted. We have hundreds of them on the ranch, you can't hardly spend ahlf an hour outside without spotting them. Most people get theirs pretty early.

This afternoon the dudes plugged up our sewer. We don't have a sewer system- instead our sewage is pumped into a cistern, aka a used-to-be water storage tank. It's a big concrete block outside my window with seriously disrupts the beautiful scenery of trash can barrels, dilapidated chick coop, and rickety, leaning fences. We have to pump out all the sewage via a portable motor about once a month. Imagine this- 10 guys, one bathroom. Not to mention these ten guys have been eating lots of barbeque (ribs, drumsticks, grilled corn) and lots and lots of beer.


So I told you we got brand new floors put in the bunkhouse, and it looks rather stunning. For a bunkhouse, that is. Well now our brand new, gorgeous floors in the bathroom are saturated in sewage water. The toilet (that Mummy scrubbed for an hour until it was sparkling clean) overflowed. And won't flush. So they had to pump it all out and voila it is now back in working order.

Good ole Daddy.

There was a bit of a downer to the weekend for these hunters and their tag-alongs. This morning, one of the groups shot two antelope. They had just driven up to the kill site, when a game warden shows up. (These guys are on constant patrol all of antelope weekend.) He pointed out that they didn't have the tags on the antelope yet- of course not, they had yet to touch the critters! He checked over the licenses and noted that they didn't have a $4.00 stamp on there that is something called a "habitat access stamp". So he fined these guys.

Remember the program I mentioned for wounded veterans- he fined those guys. And he didn't fine any of the other hunters, only the veterans. They said, we are in a program that allowed us to come here and we are wounded veterans. Ya know his reply? "So am I."
They said this warden was young, real young, I guess as in 20 years old young. He was apparantly a bit of a jerk as well.

DK or somebody from the group had called in to the Game & Fish place in town, because they ahd to get local permits/licenses and the such. They had gotten it all staightened out and DK added, "Are you sure we don't need anything else? We want to make sure these guys are covered." The dude on the other end of the line was like, "Yeah, that's all you need."

Uh-huh. Apparantly not.

What ticks me off, is that it was the wounded veterans and none of the other guys! And they hadn't been told they need this little $4.00 stamp. So that's a whole big stink, but DK is very legally knowledgable, that's his whole life/business, so he'll get it all worked out.

So I know, this entry has been a little boring. I mean, I told you all about the hunting and such as, but there wasn't anything paticularly interesting. But, I seemed to have temporarily misplaced my "bloggability". Blogger's block I guess you could say. No worries, by tomorrow, or if you're lucky, sometime sooner, I'll have something stupid to say. Gotta keep you guys entertained, ya know.

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