Friday, September 7, 2007

My Afternoon...

So my afternoon went fairly well. About 20 minutes after lunch, we had to saddle up our horses and Mom trailered us over to West Bull pasture, where she dropped us (Daddy, Grandpa, Tyler & I) off and drove the rig back home. We gathered up a herd (about 30 head) of Corriente (roping) cattle and sorted off the 3 bulls. We then took them across West Bull, through the House pasture and into the pens where we sorted off one of the bulls (to sell to my Uncle) and the rest we turned out to pasture. Then we brought up 3 head of young (yearlings) Corriente bulls and put them in the pens. Sorted off some roping steers and moved the cattle around at head-quarters. I unsaddled Wyatt, my oh-so-faithful, yet inredibly lazy horse. I need to start working with him alot more than I have been so I can get him to feeling of me and working with me, instead of just half-being-there all the time.
Not that this is worth mentioning, but I have nothing really to say, and thought it might get a chuckle out of somebody. My horse has a poop fetish. Honestly, it's so weird. If there is a pile of horse or cow turd out in the pasture, he must lower his head and sniff it. It is so weird... I guess my horse kind of inherited my weird-ness from me. All of my animals are weird. For example...

Wyatt (Quarter Horse): has poop fetish and loves orange jellybeans

Tucker (Beagle): has eaten approximately 5 pounds of chocolate in his life-time, always just didn't eat that night and the next day was fine, and only weighs about 37 pounds.

Zoey (half Syrian cat): loves licking the condensation off of your glass, will swip at your face in anger if you dsiturb her, and her favorite toy is feathers; but they must be from outside, store-bought are not acceptable

Sassafras (Syrian hamster): this paticular breed of hamster is known for being loving and cuddly and sweet; 87% of this breed is like this- I got the 13% that hates it... my hamster will bite if and when at all possible, and will not stop with one bite, but continues until you retreat

So there's a little... description about the weirdness of my animals.

So now I must go do my algebra. I hate algebra. Blech. I mean, come on, it has the words "algie" and "bra" in it.

Of course it's going to be boring. *yawn*

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