Monday, September 10, 2007

Message 17 Unable To Send

So I'm sitting here in my gargantuous night shirt, reading blogs and cursing under my breath at this stupid little phone.


No! I meant brilliant little phone! I'm sorry! Please work!

Hmph. *mumblemumblemumble...*

*sigh* So tempermental... Tsk tsk... So back on subject. Why am I- praising this wonderful piece of technical equipment? Every morning, I set my alarm for 5:30 and so does my friend, Sara. She'll text me and we start a conversation about this time, via text messaging. Then we go jog as soon as it's light enough, take a shower, and continue our conversation once this routine has been completed. It's a nice way to start the morning, really. Except this morning, our glorious ritual has been... DELETED!

This silly little cell phone has absolutely NO service. Even though I live about 30 miles out of town, on a 2.5 mile dirt road, we have a tower actually ON the ranch so I get service 24/7, anywhere from 3 to 4 bars. But this morning, there's none at all! I have turned on, turned off, turned on, turned off the phone and still natta.

Daddy checked his and said that it isn't working either so not to take it personally. Oh, and he also said "the tower's down, it's as simple as that".

Maybe... Or maybe NOT. I believe the cell phones are rebelling. Bwaha- you heard me. Dad's phone has recieved so many calls on the job interview on the ranch, that it's sick and tired of business conversation and hearing the same questions over and over and over. And this cell phone- well, it's really my mom's. She says I have no reason for one, but that's okay, I just use hers to text and call Sara. So I guess this cell is tired of being texted on and talked on and hearing just ridiculous comments and conversations and hysterical and unseemly laughter.

I'm taking this as a personal insult. You better watch it phone- I can make life hard for you, oh, you'll think what you had before was a walk in the park. I have plans for you...

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Sara said...

awww man that stinks!! :(