Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Justin, You're An Idiot"

I forgot one other little happening in my previous post and I'm too gosh-darned lazy to go back and edit it. So you get a short post with another little story.

We were sorting the calves off of the cows (weaning) in the arena and were just holding the herd while Dad set the gates in the pens. Justin told us that while on a cattle drive earlier that morning, and, well, just read below...

Justin: This morning I was bellowing out all the crazy yells I could think of, and these Corrientes just sit here and look at ya
Me: *laughs* They kind of just stare at you like you're an idiot or something
Justin: *quiet* What?!
Me: I said *repeats*
Justin: Oh! I thought you was calling me an idiot! I mean, I know I am, but dang...

And I have yet to hear the end of that one. I guess he just heard the end of it. The "you're an idiot" part. Like I seriously would just be like, "Justin, you're an idiot!" He told Travis and he pretended to give me the cold shoulder for a while until I offered him candy. See? Just like a little kid! My gosh. I'm not THAT mean.

I think there's a slice of chocolate cake calling my name. "Caitlin! Caitlin! Please! Come eat me! I beg of you!"

Duty calls.

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