Sunday, September 9, 2007

Death By Pencil

Murders- they happen all the time. Doesn't make them right, but I guess that's life. If you are going to dwell on a planet among many other human beings, be prepared for such tragedies and atrocities. But generally- murders are kind of, well, normal? I hate to use that word, but I mean normal as in the murder weapon. Stabbing- knife or the occasional axe or letter opener. The common gunshot or choking device, and of course poison. Oh, and no I'm not some sick person who tries to get into the mind of a criminal, nor do I possess the mind of a criminal. I do enjoy murder-mystery books and movies, though.

So, there are your common, every-day murder devices. But there are some odd ones out there, and I heard about one the other day that kind of shocked me. People, or a certain person, I'm not sure of which, use pencils as murder weapons.

This actually happened to somebody, I recieved it in a forward from a friend. There was no way to determine who had killed this person because anybody is allowed to walk around with a standard #2 pencil. They couldn't determine that it was a 45. caliber or short, wide blade of stainless steel because it was just a normal, everyday pencil.

How freaky is that?

Are people really do desperate? I mean, I don't understand why somebody would want to take another's life, and I don't think I can ever understand so I might as well quit trying. But really- a pencil?

They won't let you on a plane with toe-nail clippers or a bottle of seizure medication, but it's totally okay for anybody to walk into any public place with a pencil. How scary is that? I mean, your cautious of any suspicious character walking around town with a knife or a gun or a length of cord dangling from his hands. But what about the businessman sitting on a bench near the park, a pencil perched behind his ear? How scary is it that all human beings are capable of taking other people's lives, and that it's even harder to determine those people from the innocent anymore?

Folks, beware. If you see anybody walking around with a pencil in hand... Well, let's just say you'd better keep an eye on them. I mean, they'd be easy to keep track of right? There's not that many people walking around with pencils nowadays is there?